KeyLite Group works with a full service marketing firm that focus on delivering a complete suite of marketing and branding services. We help you grow your business using effective use of new technologies coupled with traditional media and strategic marketing plans. We combine new and traditional marketing tactics along with outstanding creative and progressive marketing insight.

Our Internet marketing team optimizes all of your internet touchpoint (website, facebook, youtube, local pages...), providing maximum exposure for each and helping you dominate search engine query pages forcing your competitor out.    

Our team of SEO experts helps you improve visibility, brand recognition, and website traffic by achieving organic rankings in search engines for the keyword phrases most popularly searched by your target audience. We utilize a series of on-page optimization methods and off-page strategies to build your site's reputation and earn the search engines' endorsements (and thus rankings).


Whether you need your website designed or re-designed our web developers are experts in crafting website architecture, navigation and overall appearance that engage viewers, promote interaction and increase conversion rates.

The tool for penetrating today's online market does not lie in marketing messaging, banner ads, or press releases. Nowadays you cannot get ahead by spreading buzz. You have to be the buzz.

Our brand managers and social networkers work with you on a complete branding strategy that gets your story told in all the right places, including social networks, the blogosphere and social media outlets such as YouTube.


More than just a point and shoot production. Our skilled video production team will help you through the video development process from beginning to end. Chalk it up to our years of experience and the diversity of projects from training videos, TV commercial, web marketing videos and international business development projects. We have the background and talent necessary to take your video project from concept through to publishing.


It's important that regardless of the stage that you have a consistent brand/company image that carry over across all media. We will help you come with the best company name, logo, brochures, collateral, URL and website. We help you create a consistent image and branding message that speaks directly to your audience.   

We'd rather call it "conversation" than copy, because that's what we write. We create web conversation that invites interaction and elicits trust. We craft ad conversation and collateral that exclaims to your audience that you value them for who they are and not just for what they can do for your company. Our articles inform and empower.

You see, we understand that high-level marketing messages don't do very well. We inspire your audience to take ownership of their experience with your company, engendering their trust and backing their interest with information and quantifiable benefits.

So, regardless the type of copy you require, we will deliver conversation that gets results.

Collateral, logos, letterhead, or other design elements, our designers will tirelessly work with you until it's exactly right. We have designers who specialize in online graphics and website design, as well as brand identity experts who specialize in print media graphics and overall brand design.

Sometimes your website requires immediate traffic and instant profitability. Though many turn to Pay Per Click (PPC) for this, few realize its potential and profits. Our PPC experts will work with you to create a campaign optimized for your best keywords at the lowest price, and work with your team to develop targeted landing pages. And unlike most firms that simply "manage" your campaign over time, we continually optimize it to increase your return on investment and to consistently drive traffic to your website that results in loyal customers.


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